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Jul 3, 2011

being in california

So I am in California and I went to San Francisco, I got to go on alcatraz which was freaking amazing and I had some mixed feelings about being there.  I took lots of pics and I did try to work on some minecraft stuff but it was hard since I was in the hotel room and couldnt really use it while my dad slept (it was just one big room)  I got to see a awesome pirate band called the dreadful pirates of oddwood.  We went to the aquarium as well, I am getting awesome ideas of what to build and how to build things from being in cali i keep looking at building as how i would make them in minecraft.  I have a bad connection right now since im not plugged in with the ethernet cable and I have a bad wifi connection while being outside.  I'll try to work on some stuff while im here but I dont know if I can.  Keep reading and ill keep posting!

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