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Jul 18, 2011

have a server and lots of pics

basically what the title says, this is going to be image heavy to show you what i have been up to and stuff, my friends made a server and we are using Hamachi and freaking enjoying ourselves with it.  here are pics to amuse you with:

  umm I set a tree on fire in single player since it was too big and was giving me issues

single player: set some more trees on fire, getting rid of the evidence

just a floating, flaming piece of wood nothing to see here

lava and water meeting at the entrance of a cave

Damn it Tori look at the camera

Tori look at the damn camera already >:(

the two who are hosting the server YOU GUYS ROCK

my friend wanting to eat the giant ditto

 ditto while its snowing >.>

I will try to get more, my friend's little bro just finished a castform and i got a better pic of the ditto, more pics to come maybe next week!

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