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Jul 13, 2011

late...once again

Yeah I know Im late on updating but ive been busy and stuff.  I made some cool pistons doors though and i got to show my cousins Minecraft, apparently one already knows about it and plays it.  BUT ANYWAYS yeah pistons doors are freaking awesome and makes me feel like a badass.  when i first did them I was so proud of myself since i figured it out on my own.  I made a one block elevator which is so much fun to ride XD.  I am working on making most of the doors be able to open on both sides and MAYBE on one switch, it is hard to do and all.  It wont help that I will be taking more classes this term for college which means ALOT of homework since im taking a math class and all. PICTURES OF RANDOM THINGS I DECIDED TO TAKE PICS OF!!!

Made the Tavros symbol, course I blew it up then had to redo some of it >.>

My underground farm

  Nice view of the Nether, I was building my house right by Lave

ahh nothing like a nice little basement fire. (note: after this pic those bookshelves did catch fire, there isnt a fire in there anymore)

  nice creepy look with the fog going on

  As you can see I redid it AFTER a bit of trouble with TNT

another look at the nice Nether Lava I was playing off line since my internet sucks

the fireplace again im sorry for the double pics

I CAUGHT A CHICKEN!! it disappeared after awhile

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