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Jul 22, 2011

Let's play greifing and being pissed

Yep there is going to be a let's play, I am doing it with a friend this weekend, hopefully we can get together more often so we can do it and to please her mother seeing me more often (don't ask). I have a server I play on and I've already had someone blow a hole where i spawn (fixing that hole) had someone dig in one of my rooms that is going to be a mine its just so frustrating. To add to the frustration is the water that is pouring into the hole doesnt help or that I lag like hell.  I am very sorry for ranting like this but its just frustrating, the only way to get rid of my frustration was to dance weirdly to a bass hunter song. Believe it or not it helped XD.  I got some cool pics of some things people have build on the server i was very surprised when i got on to find them.  one person made a snowman, and i think one or two people separately made a creeper and a spider two people argued about the spider about being symmetrical it was entertaining.  I have been teaching someone how to play, it was cute he was so happy when I showed him different things.  here are the pics: my awesome house that is now gone since it got corrupted (THANKS A LOT WILL)

a snowman on the public server I play on

better look at it

yes that is a creeper, scared the shit out of me when i logged on

spider, snowman and part of my now lava covered house >.> i can still get in

yes cactus trap, I dont spawn over there usually

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