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Aug 15, 2011

Big zoo and working on a secret server

So I have been very very busy with a new server we are going to do, only a few of us are allowed on so we can build things for the server.  I made a awesome zoo and my buddy pedobear (I WILL NOT HAVE YOUR PEDO BABIES) is building a really cool mansion.  I am working on some statues and a glowstone tower that will have a glass roof.  I am going to see if we can make a village or something as well.  we had to fight off some baddies from atop the roof unfortuanetly.  I am sorry this is a day late but as you can tell I have been very busy with the server and Terraria, I am looking for a server to play on in Terraria if Anyone is interested.  Well im going to go i want more salad. Comment and stuff if you want, tell your friends too!

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