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Aug 21, 2011

working on a City plot

So I was working and should be working on a city on a new server that will be going up in a bit.  I am trying to get caught up in so many things and work on my cosplay, i have to do a second coat and attach it to the wig once i go to my friend's again.  what is cool is that the city is going to be divided and I will have to make signs and put up a lot of glowstone.  There actually not much to talk about since i havent been playing.  Stupid ADD doing this to me, I did have to cover my house in Obsidian since creepers kept freaking blowing the place up, especially the entrance area.  well better go grab my mouse and start working again, the shop area needs some fixing up and theres a lot of work needed to be done on the housing spot since I am not sure on how big that is going to be.  The zoo is nice, we have two spawners in there for pigs and I had to make dirt huts so they can still spawn things during the day.  Well im off follow, comment and spread the news.

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