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Dec 17, 2011

Finals and on two servers

I had finals and stuff so I have been way to busy to update and I am so sorry, I might be getting a new computer and hopefully I will be able to do let's plays on them for you to see and stuff.  I have two servers I play on now and I did build mob traps on both of them, one legit and one with spawned items to "help" it along with it's progress.  My boyfriend plays on the legit server and I was in the process of making the platform that they fall on and he comes over, asking if what i had done was the trap.  I facepalmed and said no and to wait and continued building.  I thought I would share that story as I go to make weird pictures with only using a mouse.  By the way I am sorry for the ads but I do need money, feel free to click them since I am not allowed to :/ I am not telling you to do so.

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