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Oct 19, 2011

Holy shit

holy shit I have not posted in so long, I have been busy with school and didn't feel the urge to update damn brain ANYWAYS I love 1.8 despite the fact that my computer can barely run it.  I am not going to do a how to right now since I am on campus.  So on the server I built a hotel, it looks really cool but there tends to be a problem with creepers since they love sandstone so I had to make it a thick wall with a layer of obsidian and one of the hallways is messed up since I might've counted wrong and apparently might've is not a word.  I hate the endermen and the creepers and other mobs still scare the shit out of me since I don't play with sound on.  I went to see the blue man group and fell in love with their awesome music.  Anyways im off keep on reading and I will keep on typing.  I will try to post something sunday.

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