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I am in college and will try to update as much as i can about my adventures in Minecraft

Feb 29, 2012

so i have not been posting...

Hey whats up you guys, I am known now as Bob The Furby, dont ask I have been playing a shit ton of TF2 and I have made many friends.  ON TO THE MINECRAFT: So me and a friend have been working on Hyrule castle from Ocarina of time AND WE MADE A TRAILER I got to be Ganandorf and let's just say we had to do multiple takes because we had issues on recording.  Here is the awesome link the youtuber who posted it is  my friend LEAVE COMMENTS to show some support:  We (well she) worked very hard on this.  I am going to try and get a let's play up of me playing a free steam game.  By the way I have been playing minecraft and failing as well as the demo for Amnesia which scares the shit out of me.

ADD ME TO STEAM :D : Sukikagra

Dec 17, 2011

Finals and on two servers

I had finals and stuff so I have been way to busy to update and I am so sorry, I might be getting a new computer and hopefully I will be able to do let's plays on them for you to see and stuff.  I have two servers I play on now and I did build mob traps on both of them, one legit and one with spawned items to "help" it along with it's progress.  My boyfriend plays on the legit server and I was in the process of making the platform that they fall on and he comes over, asking if what i had done was the trap.  I facepalmed and said no and to wait and continued building.  I thought I would share that story as I go to make weird pictures with only using a mouse.  By the way I am sorry for the ads but I do need money, feel free to click them since I am not allowed to :/ I am not telling you to do so.

Oct 19, 2011

Holy shit

holy shit I have not posted in so long, I have been busy with school and didn't feel the urge to update damn brain ANYWAYS I love 1.8 despite the fact that my computer can barely run it.  I am not going to do a how to right now since I am on campus.  So on the server I built a hotel, it looks really cool but there tends to be a problem with creepers since they love sandstone so I had to make it a thick wall with a layer of obsidian and one of the hallways is messed up since I might've counted wrong and apparently might've is not a word.  I hate the endermen and the creepers and other mobs still scare the shit out of me since I don't play with sound on.  I went to see the blue man group and fell in love with their awesome music.  Anyways im off keep on reading and I will keep on typing.  I will try to post something sunday.

Sep 27, 2011

Late Late Late

So wow this is late, anyways i started on the server again with my friends again and I am working on a food shop.  My thoughts on 1.8: Fun fun fun.  I finally saw my first enderman and it didn't seem to freak me out.  I still jump and swear when I see other mobs but not endermen its sort of weird.  I wont be posting that much since school started again this week and I'm about to go to bed since I'm so tired and sore.  I am excited for the NPCs even though they look like squidward. I'm off keep on reading and I'll keep on writing.

Sep 11, 2011

holy shit its 4 AM

ok not really its more like 3:43 am but knowing myself im going to get distracted.  I came up with a new project to do which is a house from legend of Zelda, well ok more like Link's weird ass house:  I am very excited for the update coming out but i wont be able to play it and give my thoughts till the day after or later that day since I am doing a photoshoot thing that will involve lots of people if they show up.  I am not sure about the How to's since no one really gives me input and stuff oh passed 200 page views, mostly people coming back I guess.  I have to get my audio to my friend so she can put the vids together (hopefully soon) and post them up for your veiwing pleasure.  now then for the how to, since its been up on my whiteboard of awesomeness I guess i will do a obsidian house, now its pretty easy to do just make sure you make your design first in dirt or something so you wont regret it, trust me I would know.  I was building walls earlier and had to take down some to redesign the wall, not fun at all since it was dark out as well.  anyways, build your design out of dirt then replace the dirt with the obsidian.  I always enjoy making my roofs have glowstone to light the place or make a attic because im weird like that.  Sorry for this being so crappy im tired and recovering still from the con.  Night everyone ill try to do a better how to next week.

Aug 29, 2011

Kumoricon and a how to

So i know people dont post or follow and im starting to not care but i decided i might do a how to every now and then, i have been busy though with recording minecraft with a friend of our own adventure and me spazzing like a maniac.  Kumoricon is this weekend and I am really excited about it since im going to have to cosplays, Jade curtis and Tavros Nitram.  now the how to, sorry for no pics.  a lot of people always want to know how to make a fireplace so here is how NOTE: make sure theat if you are doing a wooden house to keep the wood away from the fire  four spaces, or it will catch fire or anything that is flammable.  make sure there is space for the bricks and build a traditional chimney, i made it four on the bottom and went up from there on the outside, inside you want to sort of make a mantel to cover it and things. now you can build it as high as you want but make sure to cover the hole so things cant fall in or have the rain go in to put out the fire.  To light the fire use flint and tinder on netherack to make it burn forever, now im a bit iffy on it and dont realy do fireplaces too much since i dont like having my house burn down.  That is how to make a fireplace, I am sorry if it isnt all that great give me feedback and suggestion on what to do next!  This weekend I will be going to Kumoricon, I will have a hat on at some point that has a creeper on the bill and stuff, got it for a dollar and wanted a cool hat XD. anyways you keep reading and ill keep writing

Aug 21, 2011

working on a City plot

So I was working and should be working on a city on a new server that will be going up in a bit.  I am trying to get caught up in so many things and work on my cosplay, i have to do a second coat and attach it to the wig once i go to my friend's again.  what is cool is that the city is going to be divided and I will have to make signs and put up a lot of glowstone.  There actually not much to talk about since i havent been playing.  Stupid ADD doing this to me, I did have to cover my house in Obsidian since creepers kept freaking blowing the place up, especially the entrance area.  well better go grab my mouse and start working again, the shop area needs some fixing up and theres a lot of work needed to be done on the housing spot since I am not sure on how big that is going to be.  The zoo is nice, we have two spawners in there for pigs and I had to make dirt huts so they can still spawn things during the day.  Well im off follow, comment and spread the news.