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Jun 12, 2011


Helllo everyone, I dont know what to call you but I am on summer break now which means more minecraft, I am thinking about doing a lets play of me playing as a gift for getting to 100 and I had to take off a awesome mod I had on since it makes my game lag, I am going to post this on here hopefully and youtube.  So I was digging a hole and i found a cave so I'm like sweet a cave to explore, I dug around found lava and LOTS of iron i mean i am almost able to make a full set of armor from it.  I got lost though and had to conjure up the stuff to make a map and of course the whole thing was underground.  Now I was playing on peaceful since i didn't need creepers blowing holes by lava and killing me... I have not explored the whole world yet only like the spawn area.  I might give you guys a tour of my part on the multiplayer server I play on and who knows who will get on, of course they wont know and will only be typing. >> so keep on viewing and ill keep on not dying.  Now to go record...

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  1. build A iron block and place it under your feet, It will make you mc-day better!