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I am in college and will try to update as much as i can about my adventures in Minecraft

Jun 19, 2011


So i have to delay the recording, the current program I have is crappy and makes the game lag and stuff, apparently my server might shut down in the server which means I need to look for a new server, me and a friend are looking for a new server to play on to build random crap like a Dalek, maybe a giant gold one... we dont want to have to pay and we need to be able to spawn stuff if you have a server we would be so happy to play on it, i havent been playing since ive been busy with stuff AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY i might get on single player and make myself a awesome Dalek house or something which will be MADE OF GOLD. So yeah ill try to post pics up of maybe me working on it or something keep on reading and ill keep posting

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