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Jun 26, 2011

Lots and lots of dirt

So day 3 or four on the building of the fortress, I think its coming along well, its going to be altered a bit since i didnt want to keep going back to my game but it will be something like it at least, there is the staircase I just got done with the flooring of the place and I have to make the walling even taller now since i did it wrong.  What is cool though is that there is space under the place and filled with lots and lots of torches, this is actually making me love Invedit since it gives me all the dirt I need for it and i will have to but obsidian up so i can have it protected from creepers, it will be covered in dirt though and i have to figure out how to do the gate.  I did not add the guard tower and some of the cobblestone wall ( i did do some on the desert side) since i didnt want to change the wall setup I had, next post will be some pics I took it looks pretty neat right now and hope to make more LOZ OoT stuff sometime later, post me ideas and ill see if I can build them, by the way Gootown is making something pretty neat so go check out his blog, ill post the link at the end of this, it looks pretty neat so far and cant wait for it to be done.  I am going to go back to building since I have lots and lots of dirt to use.


Goo town Minecraft:

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