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Jun 30, 2011

in california for ten days

So i am going to be in california for ten days, I will try to play when I can but i have a bad battery so I cant play in the car but i can while at the hotels :3 I am working slowly on lon lon ranch and a awesome house in a different world.  I will try to get pictures and I have been using lots and lots of TNT.  I got two new texture packs from the forum, an adventurer pack and one that makes it look like Terraria, i like to scour the forums for texture packs sometimes.  For the 100 views thing i am going to try and make something in minecraft and take a picture of it since i cant do the video.  I did make Tavros's symbol though which was pretty cool, but I accidently blew a part of it up >> i fixed it and it looks really nice heres a picture:

 I did forget to curve it a bit but i might go back and fix it and take a better picture during the day.  It would be nice to have people follow me since all i have are two and I know I have more viewers then that :P

Keep on reading and ill keep writing

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