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Aug 29, 2011

Kumoricon and a how to

So i know people dont post or follow and im starting to not care but i decided i might do a how to every now and then, i have been busy though with recording minecraft with a friend of our own adventure and me spazzing like a maniac.  Kumoricon is this weekend and I am really excited about it since im going to have to cosplays, Jade curtis and Tavros Nitram.  now the how to, sorry for no pics.  a lot of people always want to know how to make a fireplace so here is how NOTE: make sure theat if you are doing a wooden house to keep the wood away from the fire  four spaces, or it will catch fire or anything that is flammable.  make sure there is space for the bricks and build a traditional chimney, i made it four on the bottom and went up from there on the outside, inside you want to sort of make a mantel to cover it and things. now you can build it as high as you want but make sure to cover the hole so things cant fall in or have the rain go in to put out the fire.  To light the fire use flint and tinder on netherack to make it burn forever, now im a bit iffy on it and dont realy do fireplaces too much since i dont like having my house burn down.  That is how to make a fireplace, I am sorry if it isnt all that great give me feedback and suggestion on what to do next!  This weekend I will be going to Kumoricon, I will have a hat on at some point that has a creeper on the bill and stuff, got it for a dollar and wanted a cool hat XD. anyways you keep reading and ill keep writing

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