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Sep 11, 2011

holy shit its 4 AM

ok not really its more like 3:43 am but knowing myself im going to get distracted.  I came up with a new project to do which is a house from legend of Zelda, well ok more like Link's weird ass house:  I am very excited for the update coming out but i wont be able to play it and give my thoughts till the day after or later that day since I am doing a photoshoot thing that will involve lots of people if they show up.  I am not sure about the How to's since no one really gives me input and stuff oh passed 200 page views, mostly people coming back I guess.  I have to get my audio to my friend so she can put the vids together (hopefully soon) and post them up for your veiwing pleasure.  now then for the how to, since its been up on my whiteboard of awesomeness I guess i will do a obsidian house, now its pretty easy to do just make sure you make your design first in dirt or something so you wont regret it, trust me I would know.  I was building walls earlier and had to take down some to redesign the wall, not fun at all since it was dark out as well.  anyways, build your design out of dirt then replace the dirt with the obsidian.  I always enjoy making my roofs have glowstone to light the place or make a attic because im weird like that.  Sorry for this being so crappy im tired and recovering still from the con.  Night everyone ill try to do a better how to next week.

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