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Aug 7, 2011

going running

Well I need to get back in shape, I am planning on getting up early and going for a run and stuff eating healthy and all since i will be taking tae kwon do in September at the college.  I am actually excited and i am going to try and do other excercises at home in my room in privacy.  Anyways it may impact on me playing minecraft and stuff but heres a story: A friend and I are making a place on the server for just the two of us (him being pedo bear and me a 13 year old troll dressed as pupa pan) and I decided to put down the beds, now the place is small and there wasnt all that much room for beds so I had to place them together.  He laughed when he saw this and said he had no problem with this (god damn it I have to stop switching to the laptop keyboard when i have the USB keyboard plugged in ><) but i didnt really like it so I tried to move the bed.  He told me to put it back and we had a great laugh about it, we do plan on making the top bigger so it isnt as awkward with the situation of sleeping (not that we do in game) and I really need to change my background for the desktop of being minecraft screenshots so Pedo bear will stop staring at me after every time I minimize a window. heres a picture of Pedo bear and a tree burning behind him:

More pictures to come soon, HAHA I AM ON TIME! its 2:22 am here so technically it is Sunday

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