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May 8, 2011

Mansion almost done

So on minecraft nothing new is happening, the server is slowly getting to the RPG mmo state, me and a bud have been busy (mostly me) on a mansion he got the roof done and i'm getting the floors done.  I am still working on my legit village I just got a post office done and a grocery store though most of the buildings need the glass for windows and doors, still hating the lag since it slows down my process and yes I am working on the farming by the base for the construction site i made a hole for the wheat, it looks pretty cool. There is a cave under the mansion that i am working on to make into the basement. slowly but surely ill get it done someday, check in next week for a update and what happened on my birthday, I'll be twenty next week and im excited about it. My brother got portal 2 and is making his way through the campaign with Glados criticizing him through every puzzle. Feel free to comment and follow

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