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May 30, 2011


this is a nether in one of my worlds where the ghasts decided to commit suicide NOTE: there is a post after the pics

 a rainy view of  the server i play on or at least my part

 the construction of my zoo that will have a portal

just got the glass roof on it and looking snazzy

 up on the hill is my wood house that caught fire and then there are the other buildings, it looks so nice at night.

Hello everyone, so ive been lazy and havent done much, I have finals coming up and I need to get a project done and a essay done as well, in minecraft i did make a cool zoo with a portal in it but it turns out that where it is in the nether is in a cave, i was trying to explore (had it on easy) and there was a ghast out there, waiting and shooting fireballs at me  I will try to get pics and make it so nether creatures are able to get into the zoo.  I did build a pretty neat one room wooden house and i decided to put a fire place in...the place caught on fire so um yeah i decided to stop playing for that day and went to watch stuff on youtube im going to keep playing i hope to get on soon so yeah heres some pics before the post of course

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