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May 27, 2011

in Bend till saturday

Hey everyone or the few who read this. I am in Ben till Saturday but enough about that.  So in single player i have entered the Nether, twice in two different worlds and both times  I am lost, i may end up just living there or try to make a new portal to my old world, nothing new in multiplayer except that my friend got turned into a freaking vampire and likes to come after me now for blood, though it only happened once but hey it could happen again.  No new sculptures yet, I do plan to play tonight while my bro, his friend and my mom go see death cab for cutie, I just came for vacation and free internet.  I'll take more pictures soon and post them up at some point.  Please feel free to follow and comment, I always say this and no one does it makes me a sad panda since I don't know if people like what I say or not ;_; Anyways im off to go explore apparently and have lunch ill see if i can get some pics and post them tonight.

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