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May 31, 2011

Something new

Hello everyone, im trying out something new and doing bullet points give me feedback if I should keep doing it or not now heres what is going on so far in my awesome minecraft world:

  • I managed to save to wooden house and put brick on the top so lightning can't set it on fire
  • The fireplace in the wooden house is now a escape route just in case zombies somehow get in.
  • I built a tree house, now its not a dinky ass one where its like a tower, no its big but only one story and topped with cobblestone since it is built out of wood on top of trees yeah thats right i made it on trees.

  • I made a neat little brick house that has dirt on the outside so it looks like a hillish thing but its a small house the bedroom is a bit cramped though.
  • so I have this hole house and its pretty cool its brick wall and wood floor and well I decided to line the wall with bookshelves it looks like a library and I'm surprised im able to still use the bed XD

So thats it for whats going on in my minecraft world(s) I have been playing just one right now and its coming along nicely, looking for a new texture pack and stuff right now so keep checking and ill keep posting.  I will be prewriting some stuff and add to them if necessary I would love some feedback to help me improve.

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