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I am in college and will try to update as much as i can about my adventures in Minecraft

Apr 14, 2011

sorry for not updating

I have been very busy with school and i haven't really been able to play, i did build a cool sandstone zoo that has a top floor with a glass flooring and a glass roof. I am also working on  a glass tower with wooden floors. So i did fix my fireplace to get it going forever but thanks to flint and steel I somehow managed to burn some trees >> I didn't mean to do it I just wanted to have a nice fire going I swear. I was very confused then another time I actually do not know how this happened but some how some trees caught fire, I think its because i was making a lava moat.  I will try to get pics up with some captions maybe even make a album...maybe we will see keep on crafting! PS: I am looking for someone to do a podcast with, please contact me at: or comment, i need someone i can  rely on and wont get lazy on me and nows how to edit, upload and stuff

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